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This Little Underground

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Los Nadie

Immediately after, I rolled over to check out the Megacock Rock Fest (Sep. 27, Will's Pub), an event whose name has one side of me throwing a fist in the air and yelling "fuck yeah" while the other overthinking, somewhat porn-savvy side nervously utters "um, okaaaay." Luckily, it was the Tacatantàn Records Latin rock showcase it was billed as and not some posse of well-hung men in wait.

Puerto Rico's Los Nadie is really what pulled me there. Their diggably catchy anthem-punk is blessed with a stout rock heart and really sharp songs. Davila 666 showed how excellent punk rock sounds in Spanish, and these guys in their own way reaffirm it. And though they sound great in Spanish, they're beyond that cultural pigeonhole. This is a fun, charged band with quality music, period.

Truth be told, my schadenfreude at possibly witnessing some of Adam Ant's total nuttery live was as much of a draw to his concert (Sep. 29, Hard Rock Live) as my esteem for his music. Too insensitive? You're talking to a guy whose TV diet's crammed with Tosh.O, Maximum Exposure and America's Funniest Home Videos, so probably not. Basically, I wanted to see Adam Ant be a little kray kray. But apart from looking like the touched uncle of Captain Jack Sparrow and some loony toddler dance moves, he was mostly solid. His band packed two full drummers and that's always a great thing. But Ant is still a performer through and through. Even so, not cuckoo enough.