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FFF: Friday, April 15

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FFF 2011
  • FFF: 20th Florida Film Festival Onscreen outcasts and misfits dominate the 10-day fest | 4/7/2011
  • FFF: Friday, April 8 7 p.m. at Regal Winter Park - Project Nim (4 Stars) A story both infuriating and complex as revealed by director James Marsh, who won an Oscar for his last film, the brilliant Man On Wire, employs real footage and reenactments to tell the story of Nim Chi | 4/7/2011
  • FFF: Saturday, April 9 | 4/7/2011
  • FFF: Sunday, April 10 Noon at Regal Winter Park - Chekhov for Children (3 Stars) There is no knowledge of Anton Chekhov required for this touching documentary about a group of New York City junior high schoolers putting on Uncle Vanya in the late 1970s. The play, which should | 4/7/2011
  • FFF: Monday, April 11 6:30 p.m. at Enzian Theater - La Pivellina (2 Stars) A middle-aged carny with candy-apple hair (Patrizia Gerardi) finds a baby abandoned in sketchy suburban Rome. Rather than call the cops, she takes the toddler to her caravan, home of Europe's least-chee | 4/7/2011
  • FFF: Tuesday, April 12 | 4/7/2011
  • FFF: Wednesday, April 13 1:15 at Enzian Theater - Dog Sweat (4 Stars) The Western media generally fails to paint a human portrait of young Middle Easterners living under Islamist regimes. Usually, they're portrayed only in terms of conflict. The beauty of this movie, filmed secre | 4/7/2011
  • FFF: Thursday, April 14 6:45 p.m. at Enzian Theater - Square Grouper: The Godfathers of Ganja (4 Stars) Finally, a documentary that's supposed to be better when you're high. (As opposed to the accidental brilliance of toking during Spellbound.) Jumping off of the premise that So | 4/7/2011
  • FFF: Friday, April 15 3:30 p.m. at Regal Winter Park - 
Red Chapel (3 Stars) The most interesting part of Red Chapel is the fact that it fails. It fails in interesting ways, but it still fails. Its stated mission was to undermine the North Korean state with a (tremendously unf | 4/7/2011
  • FFF: Saturday, April 16 12:30 p.m. at Enzian Theater - Ruby in Paradise A showing of the 1993 film set in Florida starring Ashley Judd. Following the screening, director Victor Nunez will do a Q&A with the audience, moderated by "Florida Films" program curator Scott Foundas. | 4/7/2011
  • FFF: Sunday, April 17 Noon at Regal Winter Park - 
Bots High (4 Stars) I'd forgotten about Battle Bots until seeing this absorbing documentary about a group of high schoolers from Miami designing and eventually pitting their bots against one another. The film follows three set | 4/7/2011

3:30 p.m. at Regal Winter Park - 
Red Chapel (3 Stars) The most interesting part of Red Chapel is the fact that it fails. It fails in interesting ways, but it still fails. Its stated mission was to undermine the North Korean state with a (tremendously unfunny) comedy show featuring two Danish-Koreans (one who is overweight and one who is handicapped), but it only succeeds in crashing headfirst into the red wall of Korean nationalism. They become propaganda puppets for the North Koreans in every possible way, even ending up in a state sponsored anti-American parade through Pyongyang. The film as director Mads Brügger set out to make would've been a trainwreck. But the film he ended up with is a rare view into the North. -RB

6:30 p.m. at Regal Winter Park - Illegal (3 Stars) The biggest problem with Illegal is that it suffers from spoke-on-a-wheel syndrome. We've seen this story before in its various forms: the desperate immigrant who is eventually snared by immigration officials, while a loved one escapes. The Visitor did it better, but Illegal is compelling enough to get by, morphing itself almost into a prison drama, and Anne Coesens is good as Tania. -RB

8:45 p.m. at Regal Winter Park - Terri (3 Stars) Azazel Jacobs' uneven drama about an obese high-school boy (Jacob Wysocki) teetering on the cusp of total social withdrawal and brought back from the brink by his doofy principal (John C. Reilly, brilliant as always) suffers from a failure to commit to either dark teen realism or indie affectation. Despite a supporting cast that shines, including The Office's Creed Bratton, Rescue Me's Olivia Crocicchia (able to hint coyly at a deep emotional reservoir) and promising newcomer Bridger Zadina, Terri luxuriates in its aimlessness when it should narrow 
its focus. -JS

10 p.m. at Regal Winter Park - The Weird World of Blowfly (2 Stars) Clarence Reid, aka Blowfly, is one of countless O.G. rappers to claim he recorded the first-ever rap song. It's a claim made not altogether unfathomable in this documentary, which features testimonials from Chuck D and Ice-T. The film follows Reid and an ambitious fan attempting to "manage" him back into the spotlight as they book increasingly well-attended gigs based on the nostalgia of Reid's 1980 novelty hit, "Rapp Dirty." As Reid gets nearer and nearer to his goal - to be appreciated by anybody, really - the film seems to run out of ideas. By the time he and a band of younger white fans team up for an ill-conceived stab at horrorcore, Blowfly seems more and more like a sad old man avoiding the real world. (His bitter, WNBA-playing daughter can attest to that.) -JS

11 p.m. at Regal Winter Park - 
The Troll Hunter (4 Stars) André Øvredal's faux-documentary follows a group of students as they track down a mysterious hunter who is actually responsible for keeping Norway's very real, very big troll population from the public eye. The end result could stand to be just a bit funnier, a bit faster, a bit more frightening, but as it is, the film remains an inspired and well-realized addition to the "found footage" subgenre. -WG

11:59 p.m. at Enzian Theater - Midnight Son (3 Stars) Throughout its first half, this unassuming take on junkie-vampirism in the modern world coasts gracefully on writer-director Scott Leberecht's rich colors and storytelling clarity (Leberecht worked in visual arts at ILM previously, so he can do a lot with a little budget) and co-stars Zak Kilberg and Maya Parish's chemistry. But when the plot necessitates some actiony goodness, the whole enterprise unravels. It's as if they ran out of money: The night scenes lose their luster around the same time guns and cops get involved. By the end, Midnight Son opts for the camp-horror bailout, but they had a good thing going for a while. -JS

11:59 p.m. at Regal Winter Park - Redline See review in next week's Orlando Weekly.

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