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Bite 2014

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Our dear, departed friend Tony Adams (he’s not dead, just relocated – these days the chef heads up the kitchen of the Boarding House, a restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard; those islanders might not know what just hit them), when he was in Orlando, had a catchy slogan for his Big Wheel Provisions empire: “Local is lovely.”


We’ve tried not to simply lift it from him, but it’s hard, because those three little words encapsulate so much of what’s good about Orlando’s food scene: the amazing climate that allows us access to wonderful products almost year-round; the dedicated scene-makers who’ve built things like the Audubon Park Community Market, the Local Roots farm system and the Food Truck Bazaar; the proud food writers and bloggers who’ve sounded our praises in the wider world for years; and the creative chefs who might have oppportunities to leave us for that wider world but choose to stay and cultivate this ground. Local is lovely.


All gushing aside, this year’s BITE magazine is bigger and better than ever. With my talented cohorts, writers Faiyaz Kara and Holly Kapherr and photographer Rob Bartlett, we've covered everything you need to eat in Orlando like an expert: the favorite restaurants of some local tastemakers, interviews with notable local chefs, highlights on some of our lovely local foods, and of course, dozens of BITE-sized reviews. Be sure to check those out in the Issuu pages above. And be sure to start planning for BITE: 30, Orlando’s 30-day restaurant “week,” coming in June.


Happy eating!
Jessica Bryce Young


Special thanks to Emily Rankin of Local Roots, Bob Morris of Story Farm, and Tony Adams, eternal Big Wheel.



Bite 2014

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