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Michael Byrne Archives

Current Stories
  • The Music Scene Even if you’re a newcomer to the city, the odds are pretty good you’ve heard something about the music scene here already and the city’s musical culture is still growing. | 10/10/2012
  • Getting Around Depending on where you want to go, you may need to mix and match the metro subway, light rail, MARC commuter lines, buses, charm city circulator, and even water taxis. | 10/10/2012
  • Bangers and Thrash What’s up with heavy music | 10/10/2012
  • Bangers and Thrash What’s up with heavy music | 8/22/2012
  • Bangers and Thrash What’s up with heavy music | 7/18/2012
  • Charm City Art Space 10th Anniversary Looking back on the first decade of the Charm City Art Space | 7/4/2012
  • Multicult: Spaces Tangled Three wicked-smart musicians | 6/6/2012
  • Singles Mixer Lights Down Low, Demoralizing Banter, Bmore Club Can’t Be Stopped Remix | 6/6/2012
  • The Short List Man Man, City and Colour, With Lions, Pretty in Pink, an more | 5/30/2012
  • Moss Icon Consider yourself lucky this discography has been reissued | 5/30/2012
  • Mount Vernon Pizzeria We wanted to try a pizza slice, but the little display case on the counter was empty | 5/30/2012
  • The Short List Double Duchess, Museum of Doorknobs, Jutin Jones, Zammuto, and more | 5/23/2012
  • The Short List He Is We, Screeching Weasel, James Nasty, Hackish | 5/16/2012
  • Singles Mixer Jason Urick: Show Me, Murder Mark: Ass Is Phat | 5/9/2012
  • The Short List Small Sur, Marduk, Cloud 9, Ronald Pearl, and more | 5/9/2012
  • Friend Collector: Friend Collector It might help to warm up just a bit before listening to this album. Nothing major—whap your knuckles against some cement, just enough to see a little red in there, or maybe have a shot of something terrible and cheap. | 5/2/2012
  • The Short List Black Lillies, Acid Mothers Temple, George Clinton, Buck Jones, and more. | 5/2/2012
  • Erik Spangler MICA sound instructor and Baltimore experimental music polymath Erik Spangler stays the night with the Vigil | 4/25/2012
  • Baklavaa: Hairmoans Kinda funky opening to perfect math-y, metalcore-y assaults like breaking bottles against a brick wall. | 4/25/2012
  • The Short List Hotel Lights, La Dispute, Blank, Suzanne Vega, and more | 4/25/2012
  • The Bike Issue There was an interesting time in Baltimore where it seemed like city government was ahead of bicyclists in the city. Not in the sense of there being awesome smooth roads and tons of cycling improvements and polite drivers and understanding cops, but in the | 4/18/2012
  • Opening Sprint New local cycling advocacy group Bikemore comes off the starting line fighting | 4/18/2012
  • Memento Mori | 4/18/2012
  • How To Not Try This At Home: 12’ Clock Wheelie Find a wide open area suitable for falling down a lot | 4/18/2012
  • The Short List Rammstein, Fang Island, DJ Cliffstarr, Argonauts, and more | 4/18/2012
  • University Market Mount Vernon | 4/11/2012
  • Say Wut: Club Innovator and Techno Bro: Brahaus There are dance floors and then there are dance floors: new EPs from Say Wut and Techno Bro | 4/11/2012
  • The Short List Rodney Atkins, Rocky Loves Emily, Rasputina, Wonder Years, and more | 4/11/2012
  • The Short List Real Estate, Schwarz, Sterling Sisters, Natural Child, and more | 4/4/2012
  • Cherry Blossoms Singer/songwriter ellen cherry reclaims her voice, charts her own career, and revisits the piano | 3/28/2012
  • The Short List Alcest, Lazerbitch, Guitar Wolf, Lost Lander, and more | 3/28/2012
  • Murder Mark The torchbearer for club music’s new generation is just getting started | 3/21/2012
  • The Short List Excision, Alex Goot, Deleted Scenes, and This Century | 3/21/2012
  • The Short List Expansive Eye, Hank 3, Oranage Horse, This Century, and more | 3/14/2012
  • Black to Comm: Earth A mix of electroacoustic ambient sound and warbling androgynous vocals | 3/14/2012
  • Return of the Boom Bap The new hip-hop sounds of Kevin Gift are indeed a little irrational, but only in the best way | 3/7/2012
  • The Short List Burnham, Secret Music, Sleeping With Sirens, and more | 3/7/2012
  • Singles Mixer: DJ Jonny Blaze, The Water, and Ghostmode Cha Cha, Halcyon, and Throwing Chairs | 2/29/2012
  • The Short List Heaviness of the Load, Bombenkinder, Langhorne Slim, Cults, and Young Statues | 2/29/2012
  • The Short List Amen Dunes, Islands, Antonio Harper, Teddy Douglas, Buckwheat Zydeco | 2/22/2012
  • Ehse on Ice Ehse Records celebrates its free-range sound with . . . ice skating? | 2/22/2012
  • Los Amigos All this (a lunch special) and chips and salsa cost less than 10 bucks. | 2/22/2012
  • Matthew Bourne: Montauk Variations “Senectitude,” a word rare enough that an internet search is as likely to suggest crossword puzzle forums as it is actual definitions, translates roughly to old age. But more than old age as a state of being, over | 2/15/2012
  • The Short List MartyParty, Adam Savage, Jenn Wasner, No Divide | 2/15/2012
  • Salamander Wool: Solar Solipsis A couple of years ago, Carson Garhart, aka Salamander Wool, advanced the outer marker of how loose and alien folk or folk-like music could be and still resonate. | 2/8/2012
  • Winter songs The Caretaker minds (and mines) Franz Schubert | 2/9/2012
  • Singles Mixer In which Labtekwon delivers the history of money in 10 minutes by way of a sermon on America’s current gold-standard-stripped currency, the bank-run economy, the Illuminati, Satan, the Illuminati again. . . . | 2/8/2012
  • The Short List Black Stone Cherry, English Dogs, Toy Store Riot, Die Antwoord | 2/8/2012
  • The Caretaker: Patience (After Sebald) Ambient musician Leyland Kirby sources from music from recorded sounds dawn, and then cuts up/loops/splices it into ghostly fog | 2/1/2012
  • Alexander Trust: Maneuver North America Polygons beget Alexander Trust | 2/1/2012
  • Murder: Murder EP Vincent Black Shadow begets Murder | 2/1/2012
  • The Short List You Me at Six, A lot Like Birds, Ruckus, Let the Monkey Go, Bone Thugs, and more. | 2/1/2012
  • The Short List Abigail Williams, Octaves, Harvard, Sal Bando, and more | 1/25/2012
  • Daniel Menche gets physical with his noise There Will Be Blood | 1/18/2012
  • Pita Pan The gyro here might even top Never on Sunday’s. It’s the meat, Pita Pan delivers. | 1/18/2012
  • The Short List Evokatones, Jimmy Ha Ha, Ozomatli, Black Angel Down, and more... | 1/18/2012
  • Machinefabriek: Veldwerk Behold the power of a thin electronic whine and some random stuff clattering around in a particularly echo-y room. | 1/11/2012
  • The Short List Esme Devra West, Independents, Sac au Lait, Attack! Attack!, and more | 1/11/2012
  • Pianos Become the Teeth: The Lack Long After Screaming primordial emotional frequency. | 1/4/2012
  • The Short List Xeres, New Media, Pleasure Wizard, and Trapped Under Ice | 1/4/2012
  • Music From Saharan Cellphones like nothing you’ve ever heard lately. Promise. | 12/21/2011
  • The Necks: Mindset Sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy the puzzle | 12/28/2011
  • Ben Frock, Baltimore Composer and Trumpet Player Arranging without limits—size, genre, or otherwise | 12/28/2011
  • The Short List Hollywood, Dark Star Orchestra, Wise Eyes, and more | 12/28/2011
  • Roomrunner: Self-titled EP Denny Bowen starts a post-Double Dagger career early | 12/21/2011
  • The Schwarz: Deep in the Game EP The Schwarz drops an EP late | 12/21/2011
  • The Short List New Flesh, Kowli Nights, James Nasty, Wax, Thursday, and more. | 12/21/2011
  • The Sandwich Hut Traditional deli sandwiches done really well | 12/14/2011
  • The Short List Bret Michaels, DJ Anchor, Dan Deacon Ensemble, Wye Oak, and more. | 12/14/2011
  • Four Hours of Funk DJs Exclaime and Fleg bring breaks to the people via one of Baltimore’s most successful parties | 12/14/2011
  • Singles Mixer: Scum Again, Melungeon, Kill Life Special debut 7-inch edition | 12/7/2011
  • The Short List Grham Colton, Kowli Nights, James Nasty, Alkemists, and many more. | 12/7/2011
  • Balaclavas: Snake People You hear a lot about things that are goth or gothic, especially gothy | 12/7/2011
  • Dirt Platoon and Wendel Patrick Baltimore hip-hop gets it done | 12/7/2011
  • Daybreak Plays A Reunion Show From 1997 to 2000, Baltimore quintet made powerviolent anti-music | 11/30/2011
  • The Short List The String Cheese Incident, Young Buffalo, Office of Future Plans, Big Chief, and more. | 11/30/2011
  • Jingle Bells, Batman Smells From fartlore to ancient carols, celebrating the one time of year regular people sing together | 11/23/2011
  • Various Artists: Drive: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Various artists Drive: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Lakeshore Lasting not terribly long at the local theaters, the movie Drive, by most reports a slick and smart art-house-meets-Hollywood action winner, has already come and gone from Balti | 11/23/2011
  • The Short List Femi the DriFish and the Out of Water eXperience, MT6Fest, Avey Tare, and more. | 11/23/2011
  • The Short List Bane, Defeater, Mustard Plug, Stereograph, and more | 11/16/2011
  • Cuneiform Records Celebrates With Cuneifest Cuneiform Records celebrates its stable of uncategorizable bands with Cuneifest | 11/16/2011
  • Ben Frost and Daníel Bjarnason: Sólaris The field of music in which something as potentially corny or cliché as a sample of wolves howling could be dropped unironically is limited to pretty much Ben Frost’s 2009 freak crossover LP | 11/2/2011
  • Singles Mixer: Rome Cee, TT the Artist The virtue of a king and she’s doing everything right | 11/9/2011
  • Fresh Tex Mex Restaurant and Carry Out | 11/9/2011
  • The Short List Mobtown Modern at 2640, 11111 Ball of Wonder at Floristree, new music at the Red Room, and more. | 11/9/2011
  • The Short List Pygmy Lush, Saleem and the Music Lovers, The Defenders of the Old festival, War on Drugs, MacGregor Burns, and more. | 11/2/2011
  • Pulling Teeth For heavy music scene vets, getting older has its advantages. But not many | 10/26/2011
  • The Short List New Jersey rock-rock band the Parlor Mob plays the Ottobar, Kowli Nights brings the techno love, The Ottobar dresses up in cover songs for its Halloween tribute-band show, and more. | 10/26/2011
  • Beggar’s Ride: Beggar’s Ride Beggar’s Ride Beggar’s Ride Piouscow Music Not sure which radars exactly Beggar’s Ride might be blipping on right now. Coffeehouse country-folk certainly compromises a scene/community of its own, just like any other kind of music with devotees, but | 10/19/2011
  • Inflatable Mattress Pumped Up/Blue Mattress Inflatable Mattress Pumped Up/Blue Mattress Wigflip Just about the most “internet” thing imaginable. As in, exemplifying the mental state of the internet, or mental state induced by the internet—anxious, flickering entrancement—if not exactly re | 10/19/2011
  • Singles Mixer Thunderbird Juicebox takes club back to its roots and Wordsmith expands his reach | 10/19/2011
  • The Short List The Jayhawks, Double Dagger, Zola Jesus, local improv at 2640, Thrones | 10/19/2011
  • The Field: Looping State Of Mind If a record ever seemed like it was laughing at the sudden arrival of super-mainstream electronic dance music, it might be this. | 10/12/2011
  • The Short List Double Dagger, Box Five, Tom Borax and Dan Breen, Tall Firs, Liz Meredith, and more. | 10/12/2011
  • The Music Scene | 10/10/2011
  • Getting Around | 10/10/2011
  • Full of Hell: Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home Whodathunk that some of the best crust/sludgecore/heavy and nasty whatever in the mid-Atlantic would be coming out of Ocean City? | 10/5/2011
  • Bismillah The dull dining area contrasts with the bonfire platter of food at this newest and extremely welcome Middle Eastern restaurant/buffet. | 10/5/2011
  • Timothy Dalton: Modern Thrift Timothy Dalton is listed on his label’s web site as just from “deep in the mountains.” | 10/5/2011
  • The Short List Trans Am, Tune-Yards, Thou, Mates of State, and more. | 10/5/2011