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James Woodard Archives

Current Stories
  • ‘Jodorowsky’s Dune’ Documents a Cult Director’s Ambitious Failure We’ve all seen David Lynch’s 1984 film, Dune. For kids of the ’80s and ’90s, it was a staple in Dad’s VHS library. As an adult looking back on it, or as a... | 4/16/2014
  • Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss on Bloodshed, R&B and Sensory Overload Noisy, bombastic power pop duo Sleigh Bells has been setting the world on fire with their highlighter-green flame of hot rock for the past... | 4/2/2014
  • Burger Records brings its Hangover Fest to town It’s a wonderful time of year to enjoy live music in San Antonio. Every March, we here in ol’ San Antone get to feast on all the scrumptious little musical... | 3/12/2014
  • Top 20 Concerts: From Kanye to Brahms, with tons of locals in between San Antonio Symphony • Brahms Fest • Feb 15 • Majestic Theater. Two minutes into the opening swells of Brahms’ Concerto for Violin and Cello, violinist... | 12/30/2013
  • How to Enjoy Music in the 21st Century • Go to Goodwill and buy yourself a good cassette deck, because tapes kick ass. • Don’t listen to music on your iPhone’s internal speaker, you loser... | 12/30/2013
  • James Woodard's Fantastical Grasshopperpalooza Band Descriptions Here’s Grasshopperpalooza organizer (and occasional Current contributor) James Woodard’s take on the fest’s bands. You can hear for yourselves on a... | 7/17/2013
  • Om: 'Advaitic Songs' Om has always taken the Eastern drone-based ideas originating in their members' previous band Sleep and run with them, farther and farther with each consecutive... | 8/8/2012
  • FEED: 'Thigpen' FEED's Thigpen is 10 tracks of pure lo-fi '90s rock worship. The songs are tight and groovy and rarely drag. The tone is fat, and the tape-quality recording really... | 7/11/2012
  • Old Man Gloom: 'No' No is Old Man Gloom's first proper full-length since 2004's Christmas. And like Christmas, it is a hulking, enigmatic entity that varies between their unique... | 7/3/2012
  • Torche: 'Harmonicraft' Torche's newest brings their mastery of incredibly catchy, poppy, heavy rock into new realms of melody and tight songwriting. In a perfect world, this is the kind of stuff that... | 5/9/2012
  • 2012 Most Underrated Band: The Rich Hands For a bunch of young bucks, the Rich Hands are a surprisingly mature, unified band that crank out absolutely infectious and tight rock 'n' roll jams that are over so quick that you're not ready to... | 3/28/2012
  • Napalm Death: 'Utilitarian' Iconic grindcore pioneers Napalm Death's newest foray into the fray takes some brave steps into new musical territories and, while some elements are startlingly... | 2/29/2012
  • Earth: 'Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II' Tracked at the same recording sessions as its predecessor, Earth's latest retains the more open, improv-heavy approach that the previous release was lauded for, while... | 2/29/2012
  • Left-out Milk Athens, Ga., noise rockers Harvey Milk get vinyl closure | 2/9/2012
  • Harvey Milk: The Singles Consisting of tracks compiled from 7-inches, splits, compilations, and live bootlegs, this reissue presents a cross-section of early- to mid-career Harvey Milk; and while some of the... | 2/1/2012
  • Steven R. Smith: Old Skete Multi-instrumentalist, musician, and printmaker Steven R. Smith's fifteenth solo album (from a staggeringly extensive discography of almost 40 releases) presents the artist at his most raw and vital: an album comprised entirely of solo guitar, with no edits | 1/11/2012