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Privacy Policy

It's simple. We will NEVER abuse your privacy rights. Here are the details:

Unless you give us permission to make your personal information public, we won't give away your e-mail address (or any other identifying info) to anyone.


Although orlandoweekly.com is sponsored by paid advertisers, all online services are free to readers. Thus, in order to maintain the clarity of editorial content for our readers, all advertising content will be clearly presented as such -- in banners, buttons and/or clearly labeled messages from sponsors.


Occasionally, we will provide sponsors with aggregate information about our online readership. This aggregate data -- for example, the number of visitors to a section of orlandoweekly.com -- contains no individually identifiable information. Unless you have specifically given us permission otherwise, your private data stays private.


Please be aware that we can't control the privacy practices of external Web sites we may link to -- including those operated by Orlando Weekly advertisers.

Orlando Weekly cares deeply about Internet privacy issues. We may update this statement occasionally to better serve this end.